Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care

Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) has recognised & certified us for conducting this course for Doctors & Nurses. The 8 week distance learning course with 3 days of contact classes is conducted by us twice every year. This year, due to the restrictions of the Covid lockdown, with permission from IAPC, we took the contact sessions for the June batch, completely online (July 3rd – July 5th) for the 1st time in all these years, as many of our applicants were from outstation. With faith in God, cooperation of the faculty & the enthusiasm of the participants, challenges were overcome & the 7 Doctors (6 from outstation!!) successfully completed the training. We are thrilled & happy to have got very encouraging feedback from all the participants.

The course is an opportunity for the medical fraternity to learn how to treat distressing symptoms in patients suffering from chronic and life limiting diseases, as well as the communication skills needed to help improve quality of life in patients in everyday practice.

Palliative Care is a ‘whole person approach’ which includes patients with any disease, at any stage and at any age – andspecially applicable in the present Covid scenario too.

The course is open for post MBBS and practising Doctors and Nurses of all medical or nursing fields. Applications are always welcome.