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Striving Hard to improve quality Of human lives.

Our Mission

Improving Quality of Life in patients with chronic diseases like cancer, from the time of Diagnosis, During Treatment and in the Advanced Stage.

Our Vision

To make Palliative Care easily available across the entire State of Tamil Nadu

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Our Story

How did I get motivated? – From Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

I could clearly see the GAP in our ‘medical’ treatment – the CARE necessary to treat the patient as a ‘WHOLE PERSON’ was missing! I was motivated to educate myself in the subject of ‘Palliative Medicine’.


After formal training, I started the Trust in the year 2000 along with like-minded colleagues, registered it on 21 st September as a Charitable Organization to lessen the financial burden to patients and their families. We started the practice in ‘Sundaravadanan Nursing Home’, named after my father-in-law Dr. B.M. Sundaravadanan. I named the trust after his wife, Mrs. Lakshmikantham, who was his pillar of strength with a natural tendency to give. Hence the name ‘Lakshmi’, denoting “Giving Nature”. We want to give to society how much ever we can to ease suffering.

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