Many people think Morphine tablet is addicting.

No. It is not! This is a common misconception even among doctors.

An addictive behavior is unacceptable and obviously unpleasant. But when patients in severe pain like cancer pain take morphine tablets they are relieved of pain, lead a normal life and can even go back to their work.

The World Health Organization proclaimed that “freedom from pain is a human right” way back in 1986 and patients should not be denied Morphine tablet for chronic pain. Millions of patients all over the world are given this tablet with no report of addiction. It is only the injection form that too taken by normal people that can lead to addiction.


Palliative care is required only in advanced illness and late stages of the disease.

Certainly not! Palliative care is not terminal care.

It begins right at the time of diagnosis. Good communication which is an integral part of all medical care is ideally started at the beginning and continued through out to help them cope with the disease.

Many patients experience pain, vomiting and other problems during treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The specialty of Palliative Medicine provides treatment for these symptoms and psychological support and helps the patients to complete their treatment; otherwise they may even miss the opportunity of being cured.

Palliative care is much more needed in the terminal phase.

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