11th October 2014
Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust Observes World Hospice and Palliative Care Day


Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust Observes World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

" Who cares ? We do ! " - Dispel myths about palliative care! 

World Hospice Palliative Care Day is observed every year on the second Saturday of October. This year it falls on the11th of October. 

The Day is observed to spread awareness on palliative care, it's availability and more importantly to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding this care. 

Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust is organising an educational and public awareness programmes to carry forward these important messages -   - that palliative care is a supportive care which may be needed from the very beginning of a chronic illness and not just at the terminal stage   - that effective relief of pain and other problems can be given alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy to help patients continue their anti cancer treatment.  - that tablet morphine is not addicting and is the only medicine that can relieve severe pain and help improve quality of life. 

Programmes planned

  • October 10th - Half day teaching programme for about 150 doctors of the Chennai Corporation 
  • October 11th - 10.30am to 12 noon - a public awareness programme at Lakshmi Sundaravadanan Hospital where we practice. 


  • A brief talk on Palliative Care –' What is palliative Care? What we do'
  • Patients and Relatives experience with palliative care
  • "Role of Medi Clowning in Palliative Care" by Komali MeDi Clown Academy
  • Medi clowning integrates therapeutic clowning with scientific research as a holistic approach for the preventive and curative well being of the individual.
  • Questions from Public
  • Distribution of handouts

Please come. Be involved. Support us.
Spread awareness.


Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust
Lakshmi Sundaravadanan Hospital
No. 134, Poonamallee High Road, (Opp. Hotel Sudha), Chennai – 600 084
Ph: 044 25322684.    26411595


Our Past Activities


Links to Articles

1. Say no to pain

2. Taking pains to ease her patients’ suffering

3. The promise of total care

4. Awareness to step up usage of oral morphine

5. Less than 1% of terminally ill get hospital care

6. Cancer care: is it enough?


Interaction with the Government and Achievements

Interaction with National Health Mission, (NHM) Chennai, Tamil Nadu: We were the invited faculty for all the programmes organisesd by the NHM:

11-13 July 2018
Faculty for a 3-day training program on ‘Pain Management and Use of Oral Morphine’ for 12 district doctors in Tamil Nadu

11- 15 June 2018 & April 30 - May 04
Training given for Doctors and Nurses from the next set of 10 district hospitals in two 5-day training programmes

08 -13 January
5-day Training for Nurses on Palliative Care

18th - 27th January 2017
First of its kind in Tamilnadu -10-day training of doctors and nurses from 10 Govt. Hospitals across Tamilnadu for starting of palliative care at district level, organised by the National Health Mission (NHM).

29 Dec 2014  
Met with Health Secretary and Organised meeting at Govt. level to form  State Policy for Palliative Care

Submitted a project proposal to the Director, NRHM to develop palliative care in Tiruvannamalai covering 69 villages

Meet called by Vice-Chancellor, The Tamilnadu  Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, to start PG Diploma Course in Health Sciences to include Palliative Medicine as a speciality - thanks to combined efforts with the Vice Chancellor, understanding the need to develop this field. 

Submitted proposal with draft of curriculum for undergraduate medical students and the module for training CRRIs (medical students doing their internship)  from this academic year.

June 2010
Course in ‘Fellowship in Palliative Medicine’ announced by The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University – thanks to our efforts with the Vice Chancellor, highlighting the need to develop education in the subject.

April 17th 2010
Conducted CME Programme on ‘Role of Palliative Care for Nurses’ in Govt. Gen.Hosp. in view of our Annual Trust Day. Mr. V.K. Subburaj I.A.S, Health Secretary was the Chief Guest for this programme.

March 31st 2010
Submitted letter with draft of curriculum to Vice Chancellor, The Tamilnadu MGR Medical University, for the intended 1 year Fellowship in Palliative Medicine.

March 31st 2010
Meet with Govt. authorities representing NRHM-National Rural Health Mission, to discuss Policy making and developing Palliative care in Chennai and the State of TamilNadu. Decision taken to start a project in Govt. General Hospital, Chennai by our Trust (LPAPCC) as part of NGO/Govt. partnership; to be launched on June 6th 2010

10 October 2009
Signing of MoU – Public-Private Partnership launched officially between our Organisation & TN Govt. at a function organised by Dept. of Surgical GE, GGH & MMC; Inaugurated by Hon. Minister for Health. MoU entails Palliative Care treatment for patients in Dept. of SGE (to start with) for 1 year along with education of doctors & Nurses.

20 July 2007
Members of Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust(LPAPCT) invited by Director, Drugs Control, Govt. of Tamilnadu to address members of the Indian Medical Association to bring out the importance of palliative care and encourage them to include it in their practice. The highlight of the meet was the release of a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ in accordance with the modified narcotic rules of TN which was a landmark in the field of health care in TN.

March 2007
Trustees of LPAPCT and Pallium India invited by Dept. of Health & Family Welfare along Govt. officials and Deans of Govt. Medical Colleges in Chennai, to discuss the following :
1. RMI status for obtaining Oral Morphine to make it easily available for patients in pain.
2. Starting of Palliative Care Clinics in all Govt. Medical College Hospitals
3. To include Palliative Care in the medical and nursing curriculum.

Since 2004
Regular Meetings with the Health Dept., Govt. of Tamilnadu, to develop Palliative Care in the State by training more doctors and simplifying licensing process for patients to get tablet morphine easily. (Copies of original communications available)

2000 April
Took part in Government Workshop on 'Opioid Availability' to amend existing complex Narcotic Rules in the State. Rules amended successfully the same year.

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Education and Training Programmes

We are invited as faculty for various Palliative Care Education Programmes on a regular basis teaching doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers:

13 July 2018
Teaching Final year students in Family Medicine, The  Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University -  Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

05 July 2018
Teaching programme for Students of Madras School of Social Work

05 June 2018
Teaching Palliative Care at ANEW  (Association for Non- traditional Empowerment of Women) - Dr. Subathra Muthukumaran

09 June 2018
Class for Family Medicine PGs at Railway Hospital, Chennai - Dr. Mallika

08 May 2018   
Palliative care training for Nurses at ANEW - Dr. Subathra

24 March 2018   
Teaching “Communication Skills in Palliative Care”, for volunteers at Madras Marthoma Church, Chetpet, Chennai - Dr. Mallika and Dr. Mathew

24 March 2018   
“Comprehensive Pain Management & Safety” at Janssen and Janssen Pharmaceutical Company, Ramada, Hotel, Egmore. Chennai - Dr. Mallika

27 March 2018   
Palliative training for home care nurses at ANEW.

03 September 2017   
Introductory talk on palliative care at North        Madras Thomas Syrian Church, Thiruvottyur - Dr. Mathew

14 July 2017   
Class for 2nd year students of ‘Master in Medicine’ at The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R University, Chennai - Dr. Subathra

24,25 June 2017   
“Palliative Care & Communication Skills” – teaching candidates of IAPC Certificate Course at Mahatma Gandhi Nursing College at Pondicherry - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

15 June 2017   
Teaching Programme by Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan on “Palliative Care” at the Railway Hospital, Chennai

29 Apr 2017   
“Head, Heart and Hands in Cancer” at the “Fifteenth   Dr. B.M. Sundaravadanan Oration” at the Annaswamy Mudaliar General Hospital, Bangalore - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

28 March 2017   
“Pain Management in Patients with Advanced Dementia” at a meeting organised by the SCARF, at Asha Nivas Social Service Centre, Chennai - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

24 March 2017   
Talk on “Head, Heart and Hands in Pain Management” at a meeting organised by Janssen and Janssen pharmaceutical company, Hotel Ramada, Chennai - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

22 March 2017   
External Examiner for the ‘Fellowship in Palliative Medicine’ at CMC Vellore, a 1-year residential programme – Dr. Mallika

11 to 13 Feb 2017   
Poster Presentation at the National Conference - “Electrochemotherapy, a New Therapy” by Dr. Asoke Mathew “Different Models of Providing Palliative Care” by Dr. Mallika emphasising need for networking in palliative care.

12 November 2016   
Faculty at a Continuing Nursing Education Programme - “Safety in Chronic/Palliative care”, “Patient and Family Involvement in Patient Safety” and “Patient safety and Quality Nursing Care” at Tamilnadu Government Multi Super Speciality Hospital, Omandurar Government Estate, Chennai – Dr. Subathra and Dr. Mallika

12 October 2016    
“Inspiring Innovations in Cancer Therapeutics” by Dr.   Mathew and “Quality Living with Cancer through Palliative Care & Communication Skills” by Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan at the conference on “Novel Cancer Therapeutics and Rehabilitation - Exploring New Horizons” at the Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College,  Pondicherry

26, 27 September 2016   
Certificate course on “Role of Social Workers in Palliative Care” for MSSW students from the Madras School of Social Work at Lakshmi Sundaravadanan Hospital

25 September 2016    
“End of Life Care - Principles, Management, and Certifications” at the Tamilnadu State’s first Family Medicine Conference at Hotel Savera, Chennai - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

11 Aug 2016   
Workshop and live demonstration of Electrochemotherapy for two patients at Lakshmi Sundaravadanan Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Goran Heller from Sweden - an innovative technology which combines low dose chemotherapy and electrical pulses for relieving pain and other symptoms in localised superficial cancers. Doctors from various oncology centres participated (facilitated by Scandinavian Meditech)

28 May 2016             
“Cancer Care- Can We Do Better?” - CME for CGHS doctors at Hotel Green Park, Chennai - Dr. Subathra Muthukumaran

20 & 26th April 2016              
“Psychological Issues and Symptom Control” for nurses at RMD Academy for Health, Chennai - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

17 April 2016                          
“Palliative Care for Chronic Diseases” for doctors and members of the IMA, organised by the IMA at Hotel Savera, Chennai - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

16th March 2016 & 9th, 10th Oct 2015
3-day Certificate course on “Role of Social Workers in Palliative Care” for MSW students at the Madras School of       Social Work, Chennai
06 October 2015    
“Palliative Care - Giving Hope, Love and Care”, Women’s Christian College, Chennai - Dr. Subathra Muthukumaran

27 Aug 2015    
Teaching programme by Dr. Subathra Muthukumaran on “Pain Relief and Palliative Care” at the monthly clinical meeting for post graduates at the Madras Dental College, Chennai
19 Aug 2015    
“Head, Heart and Hands in Total Cardiac Care” - CME on “Futuristic Medicine – Cardiology” conducted by The Department of Education and Curriculum Development at The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan -

13 Mar 2015   
Faculty for teaching “Palliative Care – Part I & II” at the contact session for second-year Master in Medicine (Family Medicine) students at The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R Med. Univ.

Global Cancer Concern, India - Palliative Care Training Workshop Programme, The Pride Hotel, Chennai. Talk on 'Essential Communication Skill' - Dr.Mallika Tiruvadanan

13,14,15- Feb-15
Faculty, IAPCON 2015 Conference at Hyderabad 

International Society for Study of Pain (ISSPCON) 2015 - Workshop for Nurses on 'Pain Relief and Palliative Care'

Faculty, Panel Discussion - ' Cancer Pain Challenges' at ISSPCON 2015

ISSPCON 2015 - Lecture on 'Importance of Relieving 'Total Pain'  - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan/ Lecture on 'Pain in HIV' - Dr. Subathra Muthukumaran

Teaching Programme on 'Palliative Care' - (Association for Non-traditional Employment for Women) ANEW

Guest Lecture - 'Overview of Chronic Pain Management’ for Post Graduate students. - Savitha Dental College, Chennai.

Teaching Programme -  'Overview of Chronic Pain Management’ for doctors at the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Egmore.

28,29,30 Nov 14
Contact Session for IAPC Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care for Doctors and Nurses

Teaching Programme - 'Concept of Palliative Care and Nursing Issues in Palliative Care'  for 2nd Batch - ANEW

Teaching Programme - 'Concept of Palliative Care and Nursing Issues in Palliative Care'  for 1st Batch - ANEW

CME- 'Concept of Palliative Care' & 'Principles of Symptom Control' for Doctors Chennai Corporation(Dr. MGR Medical University Accredited)

Guest Lecture - 'Role of Counselling in Palliative Care and Pain Management' - Chennai Counsellor’s Foundation, Chennai.

External Examiner for Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care Shri Isari Velan Mission Hospital - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

Faculty - International Social Work Conference 2014 Interdisciplinary Intervention & Cross Cultural Sharing in Social Work

Talk on ‘Palliative Care’ - Chennai Pain Update, Hotel Accord Metropolitan, under aegis of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Chennai City Branch.

Invited Faculty - ‘Palliation in Paediatric Orthopaedic Oncology’

Lecture on ‘Pain, Palliative Care and Anaesthesiologist’, TN State Conference for Anaesthesiologists, 2013, Trichy. Dr. Subathra

Faculty - ‘Role of Nurses and Communication Skills in Palliative Care’ Continuing Nursing Education, Cancer Institute, Adyar in view of WHPCD.

Chairperson - ‘Palliation and Nurse Specialist in Oncology’ Indo-UK Oncology Summit, Hilton, Chennai.

Lecture - ‘Interventional Pain Management’, CME MAC 2013 & Workshop, Meenakshi Mission   Hospital & Research Center, Madurai

Faculty - ‘Palliative Care - Counselling in Oncology’ in Cancer Research and Relief Trust - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

Examiner for IAPC Certificate Course, Trichy.  Dr. Subathra

Faculty - Contact session for IAPC course,Sudharshana Pain and Palliative Care Clinic, Trichy. Dr. Subathra

22, 23 Jun 13
Contact Session for IAPC Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care

Orientation Programme - 'Communication & Counselling Skills' for Volunteers, Cancer Institute, Adyar.

Faculty - Teaching Palliative Care for II year PGs, Family Medicine, Railway Hospital. Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

External Examiner for Fellowship in Pall. Medicine, CMC Vellore,Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan

Inaugural Conference of Tamilnadu Chapter of ISSP,  Scientific Session ‘Introduction to Pain’ TNPAINCON 2013, Government Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Chennai.

Faculty -  Teaching Palliative Care for II year PGs, Family Medicine The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University.

28, 29 Nov 12
Teaching Programme on 'Palliative Care & Nursing Issues' - ANEW.

July & Aug. 12
Invited faculty, Mehta Hospital and Madras Medical Mission, Chennai.

April 29  2012
Invited speaker in CME on ‘A new look at Cancer Pain’ at Jupiter Hospital, Mumbai

March 7 2012
Invited to start and conduct MD in Pall Med. at SRMC & RI

Feb 29  2012
Examiner, Fellowship In Pall Med. CMC Vellore.

Feb 27 , 2012
Examiner, Fellowship In Palliative Medicine

Jan 29, 30
MNJIOC Examiner for IAPC

November 2011
IAPC Course

June 2011
IAPC Course for doctors and nurses conducted.
Talk at Dr. Mathew Church
Volunteers Course - 1, 2, 3

March 2011
Examiner Fellowship in palliative Medicine, CMC Vellore 

 16 February 2011
Teaching session for PGs doing Diploma in Family Medicine, Railway Hospital, Perambur, Chennai.
Talk by Dr. Subathra
'Battle of the Buffet'

April 17th 2010
CME for Nurses- ‘Nurses’ Role in Palliative Care’-conducted at Govt. Hospital, Madras Medical College, organized by LPAPCC, Dept. of Surgical GE. and NRHM, Govt. of Tamilnadu

18 July 2009
Cancer Institute, Adyar – ‘Care Beyond Cure’ – CME on Palliative Care in Cancer – for Doctors

November 2008
Faculty, CME Programme on ‘GI Cancers – Total care’ along with Dept. of Gastroenterology, Govt. Gen. Hospital .

June & November 2008
Conducted Certified Training Course in Palliative Care for Doctors and Nurses approved by the Indian Association of Palliative Care.

February 2006
Organised 13th International Conference of the IAPC (Indian Association of Palliative Care) at Chennai

August 2005
Organised a 'Six-Day Foundation Course in Palliative Care' for Govt. Doctors, sponsored by the Govt of Tamilnadu

February 2004
Invited as WHO Resource person in Raipur, for a Continuing Medical Education Programme on Palliative Care.

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Public Awareness Programmes

January 7 - 16 2017
We were the beneficiary of the 10-day Abbas ‘Kalaivizha’ – a cultural programme of dance, drama and music conducted as part of Margazhi Festival in January. It helped raise funds for our Trust. We put up a stall, our volunteers reached out to the audience to create awareness by explaining the importance of palliative care. We also had messages about palliative care in the backdrop while the artists performed.

17 November 2016
Talk by Dr. Mallika on ‘Palliative Care – an Insight’ at the inauguration of Project Mythri, Anna Adarsh college, Chennai

In view of World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on 8th October, 2016, we conducted various programmes in October:

18 October 2016
Talk on “Enhancing Quality of Life” at the programme organised by The Young Indians of Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Kilpauk, Chennai. Theme: H.O.P.E – Hold On, Pain Ends. Drawing, essay writing and poem writing competitions were held.

5, 6 October 2016
Awareness about palliative care through puppet show for the students and teachers of Mar Thoma Matric. H.S. School, Valasarawalkam, Model Matric. H.S .School & St. Thomas Matric. H.S. School, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai

2 – 8 October 2016
Stalls put up at two IOC petrol pump stations in Egmore and Chetpet and distribution of pamphlets to the general public by our volunteers during the ‘Joy of Giving’ week

27 April 2016
Talk by Dr. Subathra on ‘Cancer and Palliative Care’ for the employees at the AGS office, Teynampet, Chennai

Talk on Palliative Care at Ladies Club, Anna Nagar.

“Puttru Noyum Adharavu Maruthuvamum” at Chidambaram 

25, 26 Dec14
“Puttru Noyum Adharavu Maruthuvamum” at Rajapalayam

Talk on  Palliative Care at “Care Cubed”

25, 26 Jul 14
Took part in Seva Mela Celebrating Human Rights - 50 NGO’s participated. Awareness of Palliative Care - Stall Organised by CIOSA at Ethiraj College.

Fund Raising Programme – ‘Medical Melodies’ sang for our cause at Karnataka Sanga, T’Nagar,  Chennai.

Special address at Inauguration of – MMHRC Hospice and Meenakshi Mission Hospital &  Research Centre

“PATTU PAADUM DOCTORS” - Kumutham Article on our Fund raising Programme

‘Gynaecological Cancers and Palliative Care’, Village health workers.

Concept of Palliative Care’ for Policewomen at Police Commissioner’s Quarters Public Hall, Egmore, organised by B Force

Talk on ‘Freedom from Pain’- Invited by FOSWL society (Friends of Same Wavelength) at Kandaswami  Men’s College, Chennai – 102.

Cancer-Cure and Care’- Awareness talk for employees of Lucas TVS

‘Overview of Palliative Medicine’, Rotary Club,   Meenambakkam

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day organized at MMC, Chennai.

‘Blue Divine’ – A musical fund-raising programme at Museum Theatre, Egmore, Chennai.

15 February 2010
Invited members in a Human Rights Meet to bring awareness in Palliative Care in the State – at Southern Crest Hotel Chennai.

2 October 2009
In View of World Hospice and Palliative Care Day (WHPCD) co-organised public awareness programme in Palliative Care; inaugurated at CMBT, Koyambedu ending at Elliots Beach

18 August 2009
IWA meet-Public Awareness-Pain Relief and Palliative Care

6 June 2009
‘National Cancer Survivors Day’ – Co-organised a public meet at Govt. Gen. Hosp., Chennai. Invited actor Suriya to spread the message.

16 April 2009
Annual Trust Day – Bookmarks made to convey the message of ‘Freedom from Cancer Pain’- Distributed in bookshops.

October 2008
In view of WHPCD, Program for public awareness with the Health Minister, TN as Chief guest. Talk on Palliative Care delivered.

16 April 2008
Annual Trust Day – Public Awareness in Palliative Care by Poster presentation at Sundaravadanan Nursing Home. Reported in ‘The Hindu’ and Tamil Daily, ‘Dinamani’

7 October 2007
‘Make Life worth Living’ – A Public Awareness Programme was organised at Vani Mahal, Chennai, in view of World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, along with RMD Centre for Pain Relief and Palliative Care and Sathyam Foundation.

October 2006
Rally was conducted in observance of WHPCD at Marina Beach. Talks given on Palliative Care in various schools in Chennai

September 2006
Conducted a meeting at N.L.C. Hospital, Neyveli on 'Palliative Care' as an Awareness Programme for Doctors, Nurses and public

March 2001
Public Awareness Programme on “Total Cancer Care” at Ooty.

October 2001
Talk given at Indian Medical Association meet, Mayiladuthurai on “Recent Advances in Pain Management in Cancer”

2000 till date
Talks given at Rotary Clubs, YWCA, Conferences and various Organisations including Surgeons’ and Physicans' meets

September 2000
Public Awareness Programme in ‘Total Cancer Care’, Villupuram

May 2000
First Public Awareness Programme in Chennai on 'Total Cancer Care'

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Awareness through Media

Some of our Newspaper Articles: -

29 May 2017
The New Indian Express- ‘To live until the final fall’

05 Nov 2014
Times of India- ‘Kin often hint at withdrawal of medication’

20 Apr 2013
Dinamani – ‘Helping Hands for Cancer Patient’(Tamil)

12 Oct 2013
The Hindu - ‘Nurses trained in Palliative Care’

21 Oct 2013
The Hindu - ‘State Not High on Morphine for Pain’

09 Nov 2013
Times of India – ‘Lack of Care Centres add to cancer pain’

July 2012
Aval Vikatan - ‘Nivaaranam Mattum Alla… Nimmadiyum’ 

08 May 2011
The Hindu - ‘The promise of Total Care’ (Magazine Section Page No.6) 

11 Oct 2009
The Hindu- ‘Many Cancer patients seeking medical help at terminal stage’

07 June 2009
The Times of India- ‘Saluting the sprit’

11 Oct 2009
Dinamani - ‘Naalpatta Noygaluku Uthava’ (Tamil) 

07 Jun 2009
The Hindu – ‘Cancer Survivors share message of Hope’

26 Apr 2009
Dinamani - ‘Anbaal Aanadhoru Maruthuvum’ (Tamil)

04 Oct 2009
The New Chennai Express– ‘Awareness on Palliative Cancer for Cancer’

15 Apr 2008
Dinamani- ‘Ungalathu mana noi vali kuraiya’ (Tamil)

26 May 2008
The Hindu – ‘Training in Palliative Care for government doctors’ 

03 Nov 2006
The Hindu – ‘Palliative Care needs Community Support’

07 Nov 2006
Dinamani - ‘Putru noyaligale aatharavu karam venduma’(Tamil)

23 Sep 2006
Dinamani - Maruthuvargal noyaligalai anugum murai (Tamil)

19 Feb 2006
The Hindu- ‘Taking pains to care for her patients’ sufferings’

23 Nov 2006
The Hindu- ‘Vital Social need’

26 Sep 2006
Dinathandhi – ‘Puturu Noi muzhumaiyana nivaranam perakudiyathu (Tamil)’

Sept 2003
The Hindu - ‘Cancer Care, are we doing enough?’

Apr 2001
The Hindu – Our first Article- ‘Say no to Pain’

Radio Talks in All India Radio & Media   

Since 2007 till date
Invited to give regular A I R Broadcasts in Tamil, twice a year, covering different aspects of Palliative Care for the benefit of the public, like,
‘Putrunoi Ullavargalukku Aatharavu Sigitchai’ ‘Kudumba Maruthuvarin Pangum Mukkiyathuvamum’ ‘Aaramba Nilayil Noi Arindhal’, ‘Putru noikku aatharavu sigitchai’

09 May 2018
Dr. Mallika gave a talk about palliative Care in News 7 TV Channel
10 Oct 2015
Dr. Subathra Invited to a Discussion on palliative care in the breakfast show ‘Iniyavai Indru’ of Puthu yugam TV in view of WHPCD

13 Oct 2012
Live one-hour phone-in programme to answer questions on pain relief and palliative care on Rainbow FM, 101.4 in view of WHPCD

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Newspaper Articles Published

20-Apr-13 Dhina Mani 
Helping for Cancer Patient

12-Oct-13 The Hindu
'Nurses trained in Palliative care'

21-Oct-13 The Hindu 
'State Not High on Morphine for Pain'

09-Nov-13 Times of India
'Lack of care Centres add to cancer pain'

Jul-12 Aval Vikatan
Nivaaranam Mattum Alla…Nimmadiyum' 

08-May-11 The Hindu
‘The Promise of Total Care’ (Magazine Section Page No.6)

Invited members in a Human Rights Meet to bring awareness in Palliative Care  in the State – at  Southern Crest Hotel Chennai.      

11 Oct 09 - The Hindu
“Many Cancer Patients seeking medical help at terminal stage”

07 June 09 - The Times Of India
Saluting the spirit.

11 Oct 09 - Dinamani
Nalpatta Noygaluku uthava (Tamil)

07 June 09 - Dinamani
Putru Noiku Anjatha Ulangal Surya Pugazharam: (Tamil)

07 June 09 - The Hindu
Cancer Survivors Share Message of Hope

26 Ape 09 - Dinamani
Anpaal Aanadhore Maruthvaum (Tamil)

04 Oct 09 - The New Chennai Express
Awareness on Palliative Care For Cancer

15 Apr 08 - Dinamani
Ungalathu mana noi vali kuraiya (Tamil)

26.May 08 - The Hindu
Training in Palliative Care for government doctors

03 Nov 06 - The Hindu
Palliative Care’needs Community Support

07 Nov 06 - Tamil paper
putru noyaligale-aatharavu karam venduma

23 Sep 06 - Dinamani
Maruthuvargal noyaligalai anugum mural kalanthuraiyadal (Tamil)

19 Feb 06 - The Hindu
Taking pains to care for her patients sufferings

23 Nov 06 - The Hindu
Vital social need

26 Sep 06 - DhinaThandi
Putru noi mundril oru pangu muzhumaiyana nivaram perakudiyathu (Tamil)

September 2003 - The Hindu
“Cancer Care, Are we doing enough?”

April 2001 - The Hindu
“Say No to Pain”

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Radio Talks

AIR Broadcasted

AIR Broadcasted

Live Phone in Rainbow FM, 101.4 in view of WHPCD

Putrunoi Ullavargalukku Atharavu Sigitchai’ ‘Kudumba Maruthuvarin Pangum Mukkiyathuvamum’

Invited to speak in All India Radio on the topic “Aaramba Nilayil Noi Aridhal”, “Putru noiku atharavu sigitchai

3 June 2009 - Radio Talk in All India Radio.
‘Putrunoi Ullavargalukku Atharavu Sigitchai’
‘Kudumba Maruthuvarin Pangum Mukkiyathuvamum’

January 2008
Talk on Palliative Care in All India Radio

November 2007 - All India Radio
Invited to speak on the topic “Aaramba Nilayil Noi Aridhal”, “Putru noiku atharavu sigitchai”.

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